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Aluminium Billet Conrods

Crafted by R&R Racing Products in the USA, these rods offer added performance and durability to your classic engine for whatever purpose you have in mind.

R&R Aluminum Connecting Rods are CNC machined out of their proprietary aluminium alloys developed exclusively for R&R. The Pro-series alloy has up to 24% increased tensile and yield strength over competitors’ rod alloys. All alloys are cold extruded under 2,000+ tons of pressure to ensure consistent grain flow and density. This yields the strongest and lightest rod possible with an exceptional fatigue life and reduced elongation. The material has been ultrasonically tested, bores are precision honed to standards, mating surfaces circle-loc™ serrated for super-strength and perfect cap to rod alignment, and all corners are blended to eliminate stress risers. All connecting rods come standard with ARP rod bolts.

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