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Alton Hi Output AC Generators

Alton generators are 12 volt A.-C. generators, designed to replace the 3" dynamos of British classic motorcycles.These high quality European made systems upgrade your ailing Lucas DC generators (only just adequate when new) to a 12 volt AC charging system suitable for permanent lights on running and extras such as electronic coil ignitions and handlebar heaters without running the battery flat.They provide 150 watts at their maximum in comparison to the 40 or 60 watts provided by the original when new. More important is that they provide 85 - 90 watts at moderate cruising speeds. Alton generators are based on permanent magnet brush-less technology. No maintenance required, no adjustment needed. The generators have the same main dimensions as the original dynamos. Our rectifier-regulators are designed for negative earthed wiring as is the case in most modern vehicles. That means that in the case of a positive earthed system, it is necessary to change for negative earthed wiring. This is very simple to do. We provide typical wiring diagrams.
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