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Points on the Board...!

Ok, off to a slow start, but points are points and every one counts at the end of the day. Using none of the bikes specified above I met up with the Classic Club run to Lake Ferry in the Wairarapa and scored what points were on offer nearby.

Fantastic weather saw me head out solo on Saturday morning to catch up with Donna and my parents (who had driven down on Friday night with the gear) at the bach on the Palliser Coast. There we tried a number of well proven methods to harvest the sea but best we could do was a solitary kawhai to replenish the bait freezer. Sunday morning, I shot up to Putangirua Pinnacles Reserve for the pic with the sign, and then proceeded back to Lake Ferry via Whangaimoana beach. Quite a bit of deep loose sand on the beach track resulting in a few "moments" with the little T100 sporting full road tyres and high pressures. If I had been carrying a pump, could have dropped the pressures to help out. Thank heaven for the US spec handlebars which not only make a really comfortable riding position, but also give you more leverage when the front gets twitchy... Handling was great on the seal though, and adequate on the gravel stretches. A short wait in the scorching sun saw the Classic Club crew roll up to the Lake Ferry Hotel for a nice bar lunch and a natter. Three of us decided to head back round to Palliser lighthouse for the photo verified points as below. We were all feeling the heat and needed to get back into the breeze of the ride back to Featherston and over the hill to home.