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1966 T100SC "Jack Pine Enduro" model

As found in Burt Munro country, (World's Fastest Indian) Invercargill, NZ, this machine needs a little TLC....

OK, it looks like it's all together, but this bike will need the "full monty" strip down and a ground up restoration to see it back to it's former glory.

This particular bike has lain dormant for untold years at a secret location in New Mexico, USA. If you stare for too long at the bottom picture, do you see Abe Lincoln or Charlie Manson's face looking back at you..? Some of you may prefer to see the face of Bluto (arch-villain from Popeye the Sailorman), it's not for me to analyse what allows you to sleep at night...

Stay tuned for installments as this bike goes through the process.