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Wanderers And Nomads ' Know Every Road' Landmark Trophy Challenge 2009

Desmo Molloy of Wellington Classic Motorcycle Club fame has posted his latest challenge. Some fantastic destinations on the list this year and we hope to see lots of you getting involved. There is a full calendar year to visit as many of the destinations as you and your machine are capable of, and this is a great way to get some mileage under your belt. Putting aside the contrived acronym, the crew at British Spares will be mounting a team effort in '09 to wrest the trophy from it's current owner, and 3 time winner, Myles Feeney. Where previous British challenges (see more info) have fallen short, we are confident we can pull it off this year.

Our strategy will be heavily based on a four prong attack of Triumph adventure twins. To wit, a 1966 T100SC "Jack Pine Enduro" model, a 1967 T100C "West Coast" version along with a 1970 T100C, last of the line. As these first three machines are slightly conceptual at this time, we intend using a 2006 Scrambler 900 in the early part of the year. Expect rebuild and ride reports on an irregular basis...

Wanderers And Nomads, Know Every Road Trophy 2008.

This year’s “landmark Challenge” has seen a fascinating two-man race similar to the polar struggle of Scott versus Amundsen. Once the other less-worthy pretenders had fallen by the wayside, it featured the inept but earnest blundering of the British-equipped Simon Meikle attempting to maximise his points-scoring by using ‘points-neutral’ and ‘points-positive’ machines from the mother-country. This strategy was similar to Scott using horses in his race across the icy continent. Firstly the points-neutral ‘big Triumph’ refused to go further south than Kurow, returning three times to that mini-metropolis for ministrations before failure was acknowledged and the sortie abandoned.

A higher risk plan was called for. This involved the use of older ‘points-positive’ machines but alas and probably alack as well, the Amaranth-red Sprung-hub ‘points harvester’ never made it out of the city-limits. Even more drastic measures were called for, and a black and gold, shiny beast of Hall Green’s was imported from the ancestral homeland. But even learning to spell Velocette with one L and two T’s was not enough. Known to some as the Exxon Valdes, she firstly tried to eliminate the opposition by spreading down a slippery slick of fossil fuel with the forlorn hope that the rival combination would blunder onto the black lake and fall painfully aside. But ultimately, the requisite reliability and stamina was found to be missing...perhaps left back on the Southampton Docks.

Meanwhile ‘Burglar Bill’ Feeney adopted a risk-averse policy of accepting that the ‘points-negative’, more modern machines from the Axis countries of Japan and Germany, would be penalised on the score chart but the guaranteed successful arrival at the numerous way-points would balance the theoretical advantage that his erstwhile challenger had with his use of the quaint conveyances of the past. Seated imperiously in his Teutonic mobile-armchair, he also was confident that regularly opening his wallet to buy the extra points that the tee-shirts accrued was a worthwhile investment. It also gave chances for his moth colony to have some exercise. And so it was that seated behind a vast acreage of plastic and Perspex, and cushioned on a foot of the finest foam that the burghers of Berlin could source, the crown was retained.

The vanquished can only acknowledge the perennial victor and plan next year’s campaign in the forlorn hope that the glory days of the empire are not just a memory. The chanting mantra “Make it 2009” has already been heard in the murky workrooms, garages and sheds across the land. “His name must never be inscribed again...out damn spot” To the victor the spoils...for now!